About Us

Welcome To Simba Rugby Fans Club

The Simba Rugby Fans Club was started in July 2016 with an aim of creating a fanatic fan base that supports KCB Lions Rugby Club and the Kenya National squads (both 15's and 7's sides). This was informed by the disjointed nature of how rugby fans would support their various teams participating in the Kenya cup and other rugby tournaments across the country. The idea was mooted to 5 ardent fans (Barnabas Mungo, Oliver Sang, Daniella Gumba, Casey Adero and Charles Osore) to start this movement that focuses in building a solid, respectable, reliable and consistent support towards Kenyan rugby. It’s about enriching the rugby sport and its distinct culture that encompasses the fans fraternity. We also aim at creating investment opportunities for fans and rugby players as a means of economic empowerment through wealth creation as is enshrined in our investment plan.


The club is led by Barnabas Mungo (Chairman), Casey Adero (Vice Chairman), Oliver Sang (Secretary General), Wambui Makena (Dep Secretary General), Daniella Gumba (Finance Officer), Charles Osore (Media Liaison Officer & Ag Organizing Secretary) Polycap Ofula (Group Custodian) We also draw wise counsel from our patrons: Job Njiru, Xavier Makuba, Faith Basiye, William Amayo and Moses Ndale.  


  1. Build fun loving socially responsible rugby fans supporting KCB Rugby Club and the National squads across the country.
  2. Creation of a green agenda movement that’s endeared towards sustaining the environment as our colors connotes.
  3. Engage in social justice initiatives by caring of the less fortunate in the society.
  4. Mobilize members to join the investment wing – Simba Rugby Enterprises that will venture into viable          investment schemes for the shareholders.